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Fruit Trees

Imagine the joy of picking fruit from your own garden! Like all trees, fruiting varieties provide structure and focus to any garden, but have the added advantage of rewarding you with edible fruit. They are truly trees for all seasons – a bold structure of bare branches during winter, smothered in wonderful white and pale pink blossom in spring, pastel green leaves during summer months, and of course the delights of fruit. The leaves also provide a colourful addition in the autumn.

Fruit trees come in a range of shapes and sizes to suit all gardens. Shape is created by careful pruning and training when the young trees are growing in the nursery: ‘standard’, ‘fan’ and ‘espalier’ – we stock them all. The eventual size of the tree is determined by the rootstock onto which the variety of tree is grafted. We will be happy to help you choose the right fruit tree for your garden.

We stock a great range of fruit trees of all varieties, from the tried and trusted, to the more unusual, and our staff will offer advice on planting, pollination, aftercare and pruning.


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