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Aquatics Arrive
30 Mar

Aquatics Arrive

It's Spring and that means the return of the aquatic plant section to Riverside. With the improving weather we've uncovered the water tanks at the top of the garden centre and filled them with wonderful watery plants.

Grown locally by a long-standing Riverside supplier, our aquatic section is well stocked with the different types of plants required for a successful pond, however big or small.

Marginals: These are the highly decorative plants you'll find growing at the edge of a pond. Among them you'll find classic water plants like Iris, Water Buttercup, Ragged Robin and lots of beautiful reeds and grasses. Grown in baskets they can be placed on a shallow ledge or propped up on bricks at the waters edge. Either stage them with the water level at the top of the basket or slightly submerge them depending on variety. 

Oxygenators: As the name suggests these are plants that put oxygen into your pond, helping to keep the water clean and healthy. Sold in bundles with a small metal weight attached, either place them at the bottom of the pond under a rock to stop them floating away or plant them into a basket in aquatic soil. It is also possible to simply drop them into the pond where they will either sink to the bottom over time and root into the soil there or will happily grow where they float.

Water Lilies: The stars of the show, Water Lilies produce spectacular, colourful blooms among their rounded leaves on the pond's surface. These come in a range of colours and sizes suitable for all sizes of ponds and barrels. Place them on the bottom of the pond where their long leaves and flower stems can extend up to the surface. 

Deep Water Plants: Like Water Lilies, they like to sit on the bottom of the pond. Among these are choice varieties like Water Hawthorn.

Floating Plants: These decorative plants come along a lillte later in the season when the danger of frost has passed. Water Hyacinth, Water Lettuce and Water Soldiers all float on the surface adding another dimension to a pond as well as helping cover some of the surface area and keep the algae at bay.

It's a great time of year to get to grips with an existing pond or start a new one in a old sink or barrel. There are plants suitable for all types of water feature and with their magnetic draw for wildlife they always reward a closer look. It's definitely time to get your waders on. 

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