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Chillies come to town
14 Jun

Chillies come to town

The heat is on at Riverside as we expand our range of chilli peppers this week, including the formidable 'Moruga Scorpion' currently named as the second hotttest chilli pepper in the world!

It's all about Scovilles

Chilli pepper heat is measured Scoville Heat Units. The higher the number of Scovilles, the hotter the chilli. Take a look at our menu below to see how our varieties compare. 

Variety Scoville Heat Units
Apache 70,000
Basket of Fire 80,000
Birds Eye 100,000 - 225,000
Cheyenne 50,000
Moruga Scorpion 2,009,231 
Naga Morich 1,000,000
Paper Lantern 250,000
Pot Black 45,000
Loco 24,000
Prarie Fire 70,000
Trinidad Scorpion 1,463,700


Easy To Grow

Chilli peppers are very easy to grow either indoors or in the garden. They are also very happy to be grown in pots. Their main requirement is for lots of sunshine so place them on a sunny windowsil or in a hot, sheltered spot outdoors. If growing them in a pot then a 5 litre pot will allow for sufficient growth all summer long. Pot them into a good quality multi-purpose compost. They will also require plenty of water as they will be producing masses of flowers followed by lots of wonderful peppers.

Feed your chillies

Like tomatoes, their botanical relatives, chillies will need regular feeding to get the best crop. Once the first flowers have started to form tiny chillies it's time to begin feeding. Use a tomato feed and follow the manufactures instruction. 

Harvesting and Storage

Once chillies have ripened, and before they become wrinked, pick your chillies for immediate use. Alternatively they can be kept refridgerated for around a week. As chilli plants produce a bumper harvest, long-term storage is often required. Fortunately, chillies can either be dried or frozen.

A word of warning

Take care when handling chillies and be sure to wash your hands. Consumption and handling should be approached with extreme caution!

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