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Doing our bit for the environment
25 Jan

Doing our bit for the environment

We have begun the new year with the best of intentions – playing our part to help cut plastic pollution by reducing our use of ‘single use’ plastic items in our Café to the absolute minimum.

As a first step we are no longer buying water in plastic bottles and moving over to glass. Plans are afoot to install a drinking water tap in the near future so that customers can refill their own water vessels.

All the take-away packaging we use in the Café is fully biodegradable. This includes the ‘plastic looking’ cups and straws, which are actually made from a vegetable protein which breaks down and leaves no trace. To reduce waste, we are happy to serve hot drinks in refillable containers if you bring your own with you.

It’s nearly a year since our wonderful Café extension opened and customers love the new space with great views across the Garden Centre and over the New Cut to the city beyond. If you have yet to visit our Café, we hope to welcome you soon. 

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