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New Summer Menu at Riverside Cafe
4 Mar

New Summer Menu at Riverside Cafe

We're ushering in the summer by moving on to our summer menu!

(Even if the weather hasn't quite caught on yet...)

We're saying goodbye to cosy jacket potatoes, stews and pies and bringing you fresh salads, homemade quiches and a hearty Riverside ploughman's lunch...

As always, we're focusing on a small menu of delicious homemade food that will make you feel right at home as soon as you step through the door.

Our friendly staff will assist you and if you have any questions before your visit, do give us a ring. We're an accessible cafe and do our very best to cater for all dietary requirements but if you have any questions do get in touch. We have vegan, gluten free and dairy free options and take allergens very seriously, so just ask if you have any questions at all!

A very happy summer to you all!

Here's a sample menu, to give you an idea of what we serve...

Our menus change regularly so please don't be disappointed if you don't see exactly what's on the sample menu when you arrive!

Lunch is served from 12pm-2.30pm - we look forward to seeing you in the cafe soon!




  • Homemade Soup ~ served with artisan bread or crisp breads          £4.75 (Ve, GF)

  • Riverside Ploughman’s ~ cheddar, balsamic onions, crisps,          £7.50 (GF, Ve - vegan cheese)

artisan bread & butter, served with a salad garnish

  • Mezze ~ two salads topped with vine leaves, artichoke & olives,          £7.50 (Ve, GF)

served with artisan bread & butter

  • ¼ Pounder Veggie Burger ~ Linda McCartney burger                 £7.95 (Ve)

with chutney & gherkin served in a bun with salad garnish

  • Veggie Sausage, Brie & Chutney Bun ~ two Quorn                 £7.95

Sausages, brie and chutney in a bun served with a salad garnish

  • Khobez Flatbread ~ filled with grilled halloumi, roasted red              £7.65 (Ve - vegan cheese)

peppers and salad leaves, served with a salad garnish

  • Tart of the Week ~ homemade cheese and onion quiche                 £7.50

served with seasonal salads

  • Salad Bowl ~ bulgur wheat salad and green leaves topped with        £7.50 (Ve, GF)

potato and spinach pakora and mango chutney, served with artisan

bread & butter

  • Cheese & Onion Pasty  ~ served with salad                                    £6.25

                   ~ by itself                                         £3.50

  • Vegetable Pasty    ~ served with salad                                               £6.25

~ by itself                                                              £3.50



For Riversiders with a smaller appetite…


  • Plain ¼ Pounder Veggie Burger ~ plain Linda McCartney         £4.95 (Ve)

burger served in a bun

  • Veggie Sausage Bun ~ two Quorn sausages served in a bun       £4.25

  • Quorn Sausage, Beans and Bread (portion for small people)    £3.00

  • Homemade Soup with artisan bread & butter (half portion size)        £2.75

Ve = Vegan

GF = Gluten Free alternative available

If you happen to miss lunch, we also serve our delicous coffees and cakes all day long!

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