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Riverside’s ‘Wild Space’ latest
30 Apr

Riverside’s ‘Wild Space’ latest

Great progress has been made since our project to create a wildlife sanctuary got underway in January. The heavily overgrown bank was first cleared of a jungle of brambles, and steps for Riverside staff to access the site have been constructed using recycled Cherry wood. A living willow fence has been planted along both sides to frame the space as it descends the steep bank.

Current activities taking place include:

Planting the bank

A woodland planting scheme has been drawn up by Daisy Hynes, a garden designer and member of our staff, the shrubs and plants carefully chosen with the aim of attracting birds, bees and bugs, rodents and reptiles. Several species of pollinating insects have been spotted already.

Building a pond

The shell is now in place along the lower edge of the bank and a log screen will be added soon to the far side. Once this is done, the pond will be filled and planted in the hope that will quickly become a habitat for a range of wildlife.

Relocating the beehive

Its new location will be at the end of the zig-zag path where the land levels out – further away from where the hive stood until last autumn, but still in a place where customers will be able to watch the bees at work.

When you take a look at ‘Wild Space’, spot the remains of a stone wall which runs along the lower bank. This would have been part of the boundary of Clift House which stood on the site now occupied by the Garden Centre until it was demolished in the 1950s.

All this work has made a massive difference to what was previously a neglected piece of land and in so doing has enhanced the wonderful view across the New Cut and across the City Docks to the Bristol skyline beyond. If you haven’t taken a look at ‘Wild Space’, next time you pay us a visit head for our shade house and turn left at the end of the main path to the boundary fence.

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