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Time to plant trees
10 Nov

Time to plant trees

Now is the perfect time to plant trees. Deciduous trees are busy shedding their leaves and entering a dormant period, while conifer trees – although retaining their ‘leaves’, those clusters of tiny needles which continue to photosynthesise throughout winter months (they’re not called ‘evergreen’ for nothing) – have a bit of a rest when the hours of sunlight reduce. Whichever type of tree, autumn and winter are the optimum time for upheaval with the minimum disturbance, so if you have ever considered planting a tree in your garden, go for it!

Trees bring a range of benefits to the smallest or largest gardens. As well as filtering the air we breathe - absorbing harmful gasses such as carbon dioxide and in turn, giving off oxygen – they provide shade which reduces water evaporation from flower beds and lawns, as well as providing excellent screening from harmful ultra-violet rays. They provide a wonderful habitat for numerous species of bugs, birds and bees, rodents and reptiles.

A beautiful tree in the right location is a thing of joy, a sight to gladden a heavy heart.

We have trees for most locations. Trees come in a vast range of shapes and sizes and so it should be a fairly straightforward matter to find the perfect tree for the spot you have in mind.

Ornamental trees

We have a collection of over 50 species, all of which will provide structure, colour and a focal point in your garden. Look for varieties which combine a number of elements: gorgeous blossom in spring, colourful berries in late summer, beautiful autumnal colour and a striking structure during the dull winter months.


If you are looking for an evergreen tree, you should find something to tempt you among our impressive stock of conifers, large and small. Fascinating foliage structure, shape and colour, deep blue-greens to vibrant greeny-yellows – from small, slow growing species to forest giants (in a fair few years’ time…). Why not create interest in a corner of the garden with your own collection of dwarf conifers, growing in a rocky landscape.

Fruit trees

As well as modern varieties of fruit tree, most of which are self-pollinating and come on different root stocks which determine the final height of the tree, we stock older and much-loved varieties which can still hold their heads up against their modern counterparts. 

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