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Surplus Apple Collection

Open for 2023!

The apple collection service has now started at Riverside. Bags are available to pick up from our shop tills. Pick your apples when they are ripe, a few days before a collection day and bring back to Riverside as close to a collction date as possible. 

Collection days :

14 September

18 September

2nd October

16th October

30th October




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Surplus Apples in your garden or orchard? More fruit than you can use? Exchange it for free juice or cider!

How it works:

- collect as many empty sacks as you need from here (Riverside)

- pick apples when they are ripe, a few days before a collection day

- bring sacks here (Riverside) just before or on a collection day 

- fill in a card and place in the sack (1 card per sack)

- we weigh and record each and every sack

- collect free juice or cider on a subsequent collection day (juice in autumn, cider the following spring)


We exchange 1 litre of juice or cider for every 10kgs of apples we recieve, which is about 15-20% of the juice we press from your apples.

Full details available on

www.bushelpeck.co.uk or www.humblebeejuice.co.uk


In a bit more detail:

The scheme is operated by The Cotswold Fruit Company Ltd., in conjunction with the location where you see this (Riverside).

We weigh your fruit according to the quantity of the fruit we are able to use to make juice or cider. Therefore we both suggest and request that:

- you pick the fruit as close to possible to the Collection Day - the collection day can be found on posters at Riverside or at the top of this page!

- you only use good quality fruit; it doesn't have to be perfect, the odd bruise or scab is ok, but no rotten or even partially rotten fruit please! As a guide, ask yourself "would I eat this apple?" and if the answer is no, then don't expect us to use it either!


If you have chosen to recieve apple juice, it will be brought to you at Riverside on the next collection day.

If you've chosen to recieve cider, it'll be brought to Riverside the follwing Sprinf (April or May) and we'll email or text you the date beforehand.


The Cotswold Fruit Company Ltd., Bieby House, Abbey Terrace, Winchcombe, Gloucestershire, GL54 5LL

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