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Allotment conversation in early April

Allotment conversation in early April

Posted By: rocket veg Category: Seasonal Advice

Mr Hasty        G’morning Ms Prudent. The clocks have changed. Spring must be here – time to get sowing!

Ms Prudent   I’d hold back if I was you, Mr Hasty. It’s still far too cold and the ground is very wet after all the rain we’ve had recently – not to mention that snow. I know you always like to be the first with your rows of veg seedlings (Thinks: He’s such a boaster…), but why not wait a week or two? That’s what I intend to do.

Mr Hasty        Far too cold - what d’you mean?! The sun was out yesterday and gave the soil a good old toasting. Don’t tell me you didn’t notice. I’m going to set my tomato plants out later.

Ms Prudent   Well, you know what they say: ‘over seven degrees for seven consecutive days and nights’. The forecast I heard said night times are going to be chilly. It’s far too early for tomato plants. You’ll lose the lot won’t you?

Mr Hasty        You don’t listen to what the weather forecasters say do you? They’re always wrong! When it comes to the weather, I trust my own instincts. But you might have a point about the temperature, so maybe I’ll get some seeds going inside my greenhouse instead and use up that bag of multi-purpose compost I bought last year.

Ms Prudent   Don’t you use proper seed compost Mr Hasty? As I understand it, multi-purpose is rich in nutrients which are perfect for established plants, but way too strong for seeds. Why not get a bag of the right stuff?

Mr Hasty        Surely you don’t believe all that nonsense do you. It’s a marketing ploy to get us to spend more money! Waste not, want not is what I say.

Ms Prudent   (Thinks: I’m going to use the recommended compost as I usually get good germination rates…) Oh well, good luck. I notice you water your pots of seeds with rainwater from that old butt by your shed. What if it’s polluted with all those rotting leaves and bird droppings on the shed roof? Don’t you think it will affect the chances of successful germination?

Mr Hasty        Where d’you get all that nonsense from! Water’s water and the site rep is always banging on about reducing the use of mains water. What’s a water butt for?!

Ms Prudent   (Thinks: I’ll bring a bottle of tap water with me and use that to give my seed compost a good soaking when I sow my seeds…). You’re right about conserving rain water, of course, but I’ll use my supply when it comes to watering plants when the ground is dry.

Mr Hasty        Well, nice chatting to you Ms Prudent, but I need to get on. Time to make a start and wash a few old seed trays and get sowing.

Ms Prudent   Cheerio Mr Hasty. (Thinks: And there he goes…off to pollute one of the communal water tanks with disease left in his filthy old trays…oh well!)

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