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How to make a BULB LASAGNE!

How to make a BULB LASAGNE!

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A bulb lasagne is a clever way of layering bulbs to create a spring flowering display that will last for months!

You can plant the top layer with Autumn/Winter bedding plants for winter interest whilst the bulbs and happily doing their thing under the soil… Alternatively, leave somewhere cold and not too wet if you are not top planting with autumn/winter bedding

-Start with the largest and latest flowering bulbs at the bottom moving, through to the smallest and earliest at the top (10cm below the surface).

-Cover each layer with a mix of bulb fibre, grit, and compost

-Top dress with thick layer of grit, alpine gravel


TOP TIP - Tulips and Narcissi are early/late flowering. Try and put a mix of both for prolonged colour!


Suggested Bulb Placement

5cm - Iris, Crocus, Galanthus

8cm - Fritillaria, Muscari, Dwarf Narcissi, Dwarf Tulips

10cm – Narcissi  Note: Larger bulbs can be placed lower

30cm - Alliums, Tulips

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