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Winter Protection

Winter Protection

Posted By: Hugh Forbia Category: Plant Care, Seasonal Advice

Winter can be hard on some garden plants so tender varieties may need some additional help to get through the colder months. This can be achieved by mulching herbaceous types (covering the soil with a layer of organic material such as bark chippings or compost). Tender evergreens such as Bananas and Tree Ferns will need to be wrapped with horticultural fleece or brought inside to keep them frost free. Many plants will suffer some slight damage to the newer growth in harsh weather so you may wish to place some fleece over these. We find the tips of shrubs such as Hebes, Daphnes and Fatsias can suffer if they don’t receive some form of protection. However, unless very cold, this is mostly cosmetic and they will soon recover in the form of new growth as the season warms up. 

Plants growing in pots are vulnerable to the extremes of weather as their roots do not receive protection from being planted in the ground. In prolonged spells of very cold weather it is advisable to wrap the pot with bubble wrap to prevent the roots from freezing.

We check the local weather forecasts daily if there is any chance (October all the way to April!) to assess the need for protecting our more delicate varieties.

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